Get ready for a bumper 2019 Easter Weekend Release!

Get ready for the wedding of the decade…’cos you’re invited!

African Lotus Productions is delighted to announce that they have responded to the deafening call by its huge fan base to create the sequel to the phenomenally successful cinema release, ‘Keeping up with the Kandasamys’.

Taking audiences locally and internationally by storm, this family comedy drew thousands of patrons to cinemas nationally, was watched and loved by South Africans on the small screen and certainly warmed the hearts and tickled the larger South African audience. Flighted on international airlines and screened at the Toronto International Film Festival, the movie has been acclaimed for its exceptionally high production value, breathtaking cinematography, witty humor and sterling performances from a talented cast. It is very understandable therefore, why fans have been craving for more!

Building on the theme developed in the first movie, ‘Kandasamys: The Wedding’ (KTW) will centre on the much-anticipated Naidoo/Kandasamy wedding. Director/Writer Jayan Moodley reprises her roles in the sequel and is all set to make the big screen come alive with more side-splitting comedy and heart touching moments as the two Chatsworth families plan the wedding of the year (or if the Mother of the Bride would have it – The Wedding of the decade in spectacular Kandasamy style!)

African Lotus Productions announced the sequel at an exclusive Movie Launch and Press Briefing, at the Durban Film Mart during the 29th Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) on 22nd July 2018. KTW is set for a 2019 Easter Weekend release at cinemas nationwide. The 90 minute feature will be shot in Chatsworth and in and around Durban in September and October this year.
Still reeling from the feeling of absolute gratitude and overwhelmed by the love and the support for the first film Moodley says, “This is an exciting time. We feel so honoured to be given this opportunity. Not only are we part of filmmakers building an industry in our province, we have this most precious chance to tell community stories that have universal appeal. I can’t wait!” Producer Suda Sing of African Lotus Productions is exceptionally pleased that this project is proving to be an opportunity where business meets the arts. “I am very grateful for the strong partnerships that have been made and that will undoubtedly continue into the sequel,” he says.

The brand has cemented a strong relationship with M-Net. The channel continues to play the 2017 release on a regular basis. "Keeping up with The Kandasamys was a delightful local film that indeed moved the needle for South African cinema in wonderful ways,” says Jan du Plessis, Director at M-Net Channels. "It illustrated that there’s an appetite for quirky romcoms that reflect the lives and sense of humour of specific communities. It’s been a pleasure partnering with African Lotus Productions and we love being part of the Kandasamy family who are ready to entertain diverse audiences with more shenanigans in the sequel.”
The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has been instrumental in supporting the making of the sequel in order to assist in building the industry. "The South African Government takes cognisance of the significant contribution that the film and television industry potentially has in stimulating the country’s economic growth, job creation and its role in facilitating dialogue for national building, said Nelly Molokoane, Director of Film and TV Incentives at the DTI.

The KZN Film Commission has also been a proud sponsor of the brand. Simphiwe Ngcobo, Production & Development Manager at the KZNFC says, ‘With Kandasamys: The Wedding, we hope to put the KZN province on the map again for screen excellence while providing opportunities to KZN cast and crew. With more films being shot in the province there will be stability in the KZN film industry. Kandasamys: The Wedding is positioned to be a runaway success’

Announcing / Reintroducing the Cast of Kandasamys: The Wedding

Best Actress MaeshniWith Jailoshini Naidoo (Jennifer Kandasamy) and Maeshni Naicker (Shanti Naidoo) as the strong female leads, both of whom were nominated for the prestiguous Simon Sabelo Film Awards 2018. Maeshni scooped the award for Best Actress on 21st July 2018.They return to the big screen again in 2019 this time determined to outdo each other as they plan for their children’s spectacular wedding.

The star-struck lovers Jodi Kandasamy and Preshan Naidoo played by the talented Mishqah Parthiephal and Madhushan Singh embark on a journey of their own, as they test their love for each other before the big day. Both were nominated for Best Supporting Actress and Actor respectively at the Simon Sabela Awards for their performances in the film. Madhushan picked up the award for Best Supporting Actor.

Best Supporting Actor MadushanTheir dads, Elvis Kandasamy again played Koobeshen Naidoo, now starring in the eTV soapie Imbewu, and Preggie Naidoo played by Ugan Naidoo (Director of the Ding-a-lings) are yet again in for some surprises, as their better halves concoct schemes that are hilarious, yet resonate with each of us.

And for fans of our lovable, sharp-witted Aya (Miriam Bassa) and the inimitable Arsevan (Rushil Juglall), you can rest assured, you will not be disappointed! Young Vashir Kemraj also returns to the screen as Desan, Shanti’s youngest son.


A brief Synopsis

Welcome to the world of neighbours on the verge of becoming one big, happy family – The Kandasamys and the Naidoos. It’s been a few years since Jennifer Kandasamy and Shanthi Naidoo rekindled their once tainted friendship and the two could not be happier that their children Jodi and Prishen are to be wed.
It’s the week before the big day and emotions are heightened. It’s colourful and loud and vibrant and spirited as everyone gets into the wedding week mood. Jennifer holds the reigns to all the wedding preparations and Shanthi focuses on the festivities held by the bridegroom.

The story weaves against the backdrop of an Indian South African wedding and Jodi and Prishen’s love is put to test once again by the ones who claim to love them the most – their mothers. Jennifer and Shanthi have to learn how to let go of their children so that they can be happy and in turn realise that in the end, their children’s happiness is the source of their own.

The Makers of the sequel:

Whilst Keeping up with the Kandasamys was a co-production between the late Junaid Ahmed’s Lightwave Productions and African Lotus Productions, Kandasamys: The Wedding is now being produced entirely by Suda Sing and Jayan Moodley from African Lotus Productions (ALPs), with Jayan Moodley once again directing the movie, and co-writing the screen-play with Rory Booth. With invaluable hindsight after co-producing Keeping up with the Kandasamys, and with 13 years of production experience ALPs is confident of taking the brand to even greater heights.
Whilst the focus of ALPs core business has been television series and documentaries, their first movie White Gold took to the big screens also with much acclaim in 2010, telling the story of indenture. In 2015 White Gold won Best Director; Best use of KZN as a location at the Simon Sabela’s and Best Cinematography at the 4th Metro Film Awards that same year. The company also picked up two best documentary awards from the Simon Sabela Awards and the 4th Metro Film Awards as well as a Simon Sabela for best cinematography in a Documentary.

Growing the Local Film Industry: a focus on KZN

Committed to grow the local film industry in Durban, African Lotus Productions is ensuring that the majority of its crew will be drawn from Durban and surrounds, creating much needed opportunities in the Province. Similarly, all members of the cast are all proud Durbanites, whose acting careers have been propelled internationally, due to the phenomenal success of Keeping up with the Kandasamys. Whilst most of the cast have now been locked down, a public call will be made soon for bit parts and extras. All aspiring actors are urged to watch this space!

On location: Again exclusively KZN

The discerning movie-goer who was captivated by the amazing cinematography (including those distinctive opening drone shots) in Keeping up with the Kandasamys, will certainly be in for a treat. The sequel promises even more breathtaking views of locations that only the Province of KZN can offer!

Some Timeframes

African Lotus Productions is excited to announce that the SHOOTING DATES have now been finalized! Shooting over an intensive five-week period, the date of the first shoot will be Tuesday, 25th September, wrapping up on Sunday 28th October 2018. Moving into post-production from November 2018, Kandasamys The Wedding will hit the big screens on Friday 19th April 2019 showing at most theatres nationwide.

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